Ignoring me now eh?

Hm…so they are starting to ignore me now huh? Almost everyone in the gang who went together-gether are starting to think i dont exist. They can sit right next to me and make as if I’m not there. Well, two can play at dat game. I’m not going to say anything until they make the first move. A frenship has no point if only one party has to make an effort to make it work…..i feel as if Im the one who always sez hello first…..

got into this bad habit of going clubbing too often….i love to go dancing…but i also drink when i go there. Not too much tho…juz a lil……Now i feel like going out Wed nite (ladies nite) for a drink and dance to forget my sorrows :S the thing is….the same group dat ditched me is the same group i always go out clubbing with. Gotta find another way to go…..my other gal pal is enthusiastic to go as well…she’s goinna find a way.

Got a physics test…..i think its kinda easy…but im so not in the mood to study….im so dead now….

It’s 2.30 am and this is my 3rd entry in less than 24 hrs……I’m going to sleep now…test or no test…prepared or not…..friends or no frens…..

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