Impromptu road trip

It has been really bloody hot in KL the past few days. I’ve been spending my days wearing the absolute minimum amount of clothing and sealing off my room to the outside heat. Then I was chatting with a friend yesterday who had a room in Awana with two queen sized beds due to some kind of meeting and I was invited to come.

So apa lagi, after packing a change of clothes, my laptop (coz the room has wifi- yey!), filling my car with petrol, I shot off to Genting at around 5.00pm. Surprisingly the MRR2 wasn’t jammed. Only one lane in Kepong was closed. In less than 2 hours, I was finally experiencing the cool air from the balcony of the 26th floor while sipping tea.

My friend had meetings and events till late at night so I was asked to make myself at home. I was prepared and brought my DVDs – I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy (yea I know, I just started watching the series. Am currently at Season 3). This is the life, bundled up in a comforter with the cool air coming in the windows and watching TV Series.

So sad that I have to drive back today :(


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