Indian Food at Kashmir Cafe, SS 3

Thanks to Marc_ky, a few bloggers and I were invited to Kashmir Cafes for a food review of their restaurant. Kashmir Cafe was formerly located further down the road and was closed for a couple of years. Now the family members of the previous owner decided to revive this restaurant, preserving the original recipes and creating a new look.

* Warning : mouth watering pics & descriptions ahead*

kashmir02 kashmir03

The shop looks new and the interior is clean – something that (unfortunately) some other Indian shops lack. The shop is equipped with a couple of LCD Screens (think footie nights!) and electric power plugs along the wall (think #mobileoffice!).

kashmir01 kashmir05 kashmir06

The boys (frm left) Harinder, Azri & Marc_ky looking hungry. In the right photo, the guy in the MU jersey is Sashie (sorry did I spell that right?) the owner of the shop and all the other bloggers/photographers with big cameras.

kashmir12 kashmir13 kashmir14

We started off my having some Lassi (RM3.50 each). Besides the usual mango (the ones in yellow) and plain lassi, they also had:

  • Kiwi Lassi – which i ordered – which was slightly greenish in colour with specks of black seeds in it,
  • Guava/Soursop Lassi – very yummy
  • Citrus/Citron Lassi (in pic. Enlarge to see orangey bits)– tastes limey/orangey with bits of rind, very good!
  • Salty Lassi – plain lassi with salt that Harinder ordered but I didnt quite like
  • Strawberry Lassi – which I didnt try but the rest said was nice

kashmir07 kashmir08

For our first dish, we had Banana Leaf with Briyani rice. They serve three different types of briyani here – mutton, chicken & plain. The rice is all cooked together then for the chicken/mutton ones, its later cooked again to ensure the flavors all blend together nicely. Another reason why they cook it separately is so that the oils and fats from the meat does not get into the rice.

The prices for the mutton, chicken & vegetarian (plain) briyani are RM12, Rm10 & RM8 respectively. A banana leaf set is RM 5.50. Make sure u ask for more pappadums. They’re my favourite. The Acar is really good too.

kashmir09 kashmir10

One thing you MUST ask for is the Fiery Crab Rasam (left pic) = RM1.60. Its so much different from rasam-s at other shops where it tastes watered down. This one tastes peppery with the crab-y taste. Very good


Now THIS, for me, was the star of the whole meal. This is the mutton bone curry. Imagine all the succulent bone marrow and pieces of mutton and potatoes all cooked in a rich curry. There’s a catch tho, this special curry is only available on Fridays – Sundays. When we went on a Sunday evening, they had only own bowl left! It was so good we scraped every bit of the curry to put on our rice. (pic frm : Azri)

Another specialty they had was the prawn ball curry. Prawns mashed and rolled into balls and cooked in a slightly sour curry. I’m personally not a big fan of seafood curries so I thought this was okay.

kashmir15 kashmir_masala_thosai

Just as we thought we were done, we got served the Kashmir Special Chicken Masala Thosai (RM 5.50). This is a long stretch of thosai wrapping chunks of chicken masala. The pic on the left shows just 1/4 of the whole thosai so u can imagine how big it is. Perfect served with that minty sauce. Very generous with the fillings. The boys couldn’t stop talking about it. Esp Nigel who was raving non-stop (he even tapau-ed. hehe).

kashmir_sweets kashmir_tea

For dessert, we had Kesari and Wajik. I really like the fact that the sweets here are not overwhelmingly sweet like in other indian shops. It was also very pleasant to wash down the hearty meal with a cup of spiced masala tea. (pic by Azri)

kashmir18 kashmir20

Oh yes, as a parting gift, Sashie’s sister – who is a baker – gave everyone a cute special Kashmir cake :D She also served us some Cheesecake. I doubt this is on the menu but I’m sure you can order it from her if you’re interested to get cakes.

Okay, so who’s game to go to Kashmir with me next weekend? Look our for the green sign (pic by Harinder)


Kashmir Cafe
58, Jalan SS3/31,
Kelana Jaya,

Telephone: 03 – 7873 6622
Email, Facebook, and Foursquare

Business Operating hours: Daily 7.00am till 10.00pm


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