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Internet = Life?

Why should i be involved in your petty squabbles and disputes? That’s what happens when you revolve your real life around your online life. You get too over emotional about something intangible, something you cannot see, something you cannot touch, something that you cannot guarantee that will be there forever.

For example, crazy bloggers who always cari gaduh and get super sensitive over their blog. When they get a malicious email they overreact and say they want to go to the police and all to report. Puh-leese, how most STUPID can those bloggers be?

okay, I understand you have put your blood and sweat in this. But have you thought what if suddenly it all disappears? Does it mean that your life is gone? Wana go commit suicide meh?

My blog has been around since 2004. Maybe not as long as your long 10 yrs devoted to your site. But I wrote my heart and soul in this and if one day it all disappears. Of course, I’ll be sad for a while, but then life goes on.

You put me in a bad situation today. Someone came to me in confidence and I was torn in between telling you, holding to my philosophy that everyone has the right to choose and keeping their confidence.

Well, you won. And he’s going to know that its me who told you. Happy?

I’m not.


  • Alia

    There was a case of this celebrity singaporean blogger, whatshername, her blog was hacked and she lost all of her entries. Which I couldn’t care less. But she made a police report, and you think those police are gonna do anything ke? I doubt pihak polisi was so concerned about it, after all, it was just a blog. So she lives by blogging, but to others, it’s just a damn blog.

    Sure you’ve heard about the news, lama dah pon, I just stumbled upon the hacker’s blog, and he mentioned about how he hacked her account.

    Sungguh lucu.

    And sorry if you know her personally or virtually (cause knowing you, you basically know everybody in the world, haha), but that’s just my humble opinion.

    Sekian saja karangan saya buat masa ini.

    Terima kasih.

  • Aisyah

    are referring to a particular blogger right now? hmm…

    well, blog is just… a blog. one has to be able to set boundaries between virtual and real life.

  • Icednyior

    Alia, I think i have a rough idea of who you were talking about but no, I don’t think I know her or very bother to read her quite ditsy blog (if we’re referring to the same person lah). LOL!

    Aisyah, nope, not referring to any blogger but if anyone terasa then its not my fault la kan :P Hihihihi!

  • Alia

    LOL @ ditsy blog

    I must agree with you, and I’m actually glad he hacked her btw. Dunno how she got “famous” tho, probably because she shows her tits around or something.


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