iPhone, Nokia N95 & Nokia N810

Are you addicted to your phone? I guess I am. I use it mainly for calling and sms-ing. But sometimes, i use it to access wap sites like Gmail or Yahoo if i need to get some information fast.

I kinda hate it tho when mobile website that I access using my phone looks messed up, take ages to load because of huge graphics or wrong formatting. How are websites able to provide mobile marketing if they dont even ensure that their WAP sites are user friendly?

I think that companies should not only focus on sms marketing but also on mobile marketing because users are getting more technology concious and user more advanced phones and internet connections so they have to ensure that their WAP sites are informative and easy to use.

Speaking of which, I was reading this article the other day about Mobile Web which states that mobile devices like the iPhone, Nokia N95 8GB and the Nokia N810 are making mobile web easier due to its wide screen and compatibility to run browsers – like my favourite Mozilla.

The article predicted that Mobile Web might take off in the near future as compared to only 15% this year. I think for Malaysia, Mobile Web hasn’t really taken off due to the quite expensive rates of mobile internet and also the devices used.

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