Italian Hotties

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With faces like these, how can us girls NOT support the Italians? I was at Mt kiara the other day with Nick & Erin (france supporters) and pam who supports italy. During the line up, when they showed the France team, so many people cheered. especially when the camera zoomed to Zidane the head-butting bull.

And when France scored, the people sitting all around us (pam and I) screamed and yelled – semangat giler la…alar…penalty je – and for a while there we felt kinda left out. But then when Italy scored we screamed goal!!!! and i could hear like juz our voices and luckily the chinese boys in the table in front also was on our side, so it wasnt so bad after all.

We left right after the 2nd half because Pam and Erin had work the next day. I went back home to watch the end of the extra time. Gladys was at home watching the game (she support france). I didnt kno she wanted to watch if not I would have brought her to Mt Kiara with me. Didnt miss much and I wasnt expecting anything interesting to happen anyway.

All in all, the game was really interesting. Its back to boring nights….

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I lurve black and white photos… photos curi-ed from another blog (cant remember which one) and i dont kno if they are all footballers

OK this chica on the left is NOT an italian hottie but a Malaysian one :P

Vote for Cass, she’s number 19 (coz she’s the tallest – she said) for the Miss Malaysia/World. Read her profile HERE. And vote for her HERE.

p/s: I think that pic on the left looks a bit funny. LOL! Jgn marah :P later u got wrinkles

Im goin to genting tomorrow via bus with Rachel and some frens. So I can post about my lepaking activities *jeling kat Put*


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