Money Matters,  Uni Life

Its all about da moneyy

*cue: The Apprentice theme song – “Money, money, money, money, money!!” *

Lately everyone around me is talking bout money. Oh let me rephrase that, what I meant was, everyone around me is SHORT of money. Allowance getting cut, resigning from new job, not doin well in current job, over spending this month.

I was asked to do this multimedia presentation for this company – explaining company profile, product, plans, etc etc based on this powerpoint presentation. But i have to add in moving pictures, speech and make it “canggih” plus M wants it to be like 20-30 minutes long which in would take a lot of time. Was decided on whether to take it or not.

That question was bugging me for the past week. However, I happen to meet up fren of Azril’s the other day and he happened to be working in MDC as a New Media Designer and he was the person that I could ask all my questions about flash and multimedia stuff – the info and pointers I needed to use to complete my multimedia job. I took this encounter as a sign and told M that I would do it for him, but will bill him later because I wasnt sure of the work load involved yet.

Not only that, Im also applying for this student writer job but i havent sent in my resume – which is due end of this month. (Note to self : write resume)

Poks suggested that I tutor my classmates for a fee (yeah, the same guy who said “why should education be charged?”). Im not really sure how I would go around doin that because :
(1) Im too nice to ask for payment for my help
(2) Due to time constrains Im not sure how to arrange fees and “classes”
(3) People might think that Im kedekut ilmu and wont want to pay me for help

still hv to think about the tutoring option. As of now, im goin to be busy with M’s project and my own assignments and school work. But i might be getting a few extra ringgit end of this month for getting some computer hardware for someone. Anyone else wants to buy computer hardware? :P

here is an assignment I juz did (in Multimedia class) using Photoshop and Filters : motion blur, stained glass, paint bucket, lighting effects & mezzotint

Edit : I took the cat from Kennysia’s blog.

On another note: I noticed there’s this blog called Coconuter about this guy in the Phillipines



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