Jan04 – Jewellry

Jewelry, a girl's best friend. Well actually diamonds but diamonds are a part of jewelry too. I would say that im not really one who is particularly crazy about it. I was once upon a time, but other interests took over – makeup for one. I have a whole stash of makeup (and only one face) that I never really use but that's another story.

Anyway, this simple piece is one given by my sister. Green turquoise plastic beads with some "diamond" accents and metal beads. Its surprisingly much much cheaper than it looks. LOL!

*Im still trying to figure out what kind of direction I want to go with this photo a day thing. Plus, I just found out that bloggers are doing Project365 which is exactly what Im doing. Gah, if its one thing I hate, its being lumped together with the crowd. I remembered back when P365 was writing a post a day, not just photos. Oh well, we'll see how lah later.

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