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kalo sensitip, masuk gua, dok sorang sorang

best plak baca blog entry si Puteri nie. Aku dok baca pon rasa marah. Hello if you cant take joking banter, please go shove something up ur arse,preferably something long and hard like this. I remembered a time i had a very insulting comment on my tagboard but i manage to find out where it was from. And that person was probably jealous :P

One more thing the online world is an open one..and its common for information to be distributed. So if you have a website/blog/photo album online be aware of the risks of information being distributed. If you would like ur blog to be friends only, open a blog in LiveJournal coz it offers an option for your posts to be public, friends only or private.

I had a rough week the past week been sick on and off and lotsa assignments were due (some overdue coz they completely slipped my mind). I’ve been lazy and lifeless and sometimes i just feel like screaming (i should try it one day out my 12th floor window).

I must snap out of this…and soon….exams are coming up.

On sunday was Andre’s bday so we had potluck at her place…she lives within walking distance. I hvnt met Andre & Sid for a long time since I before i went back to Miri – i turned down too many of their invitations that they finally didnt bother to ask me out anymore i guess :P – then we went to watch Starwars, Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (eh is that correct?). Im a “starwars virgin” la..never watched any episode before…but this one is pretty good. Anakin is so wimpy tho…lol

I hv exams on the 31st, 2nd, 6th, 7th and 11th. And I hv an assignment due today (which im left with 10% more) an assignment due tomorrow (its an online website assignment) , a presentation on my cybercrime law and also a business management assignment due this Friday (27th). Oh Joy! *sarcastic*

But in the midst off all that hustle bustle, i have a satay dinner planned on the 29th and a potluck dinner planned for 30th nite (im making cheesecake hopefully). Yay!!

Not to mention a friend in the US says she’s going to get me an iPod for my birthday in September. Hehehe….dont get jealous mervy :P


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