Karaoke @ SS2

Okay, enough with the serious and thought provoking posts.

What did you guys do this long weekend? As for me, at first i planned on staying at home. But Jeff called me up at the last minute (at 9pm) to ajak for karaoke at 10pm in SS2 and promised to belanja. Hehe! So Pam, G & I got ready and arrived there at 10.30pm. Noty (frm Labuan) was there also coz she had a course here in KL.

Pics after the jump…

Noty, Jef, Me & G karok2
Drinks & munchies karok3
Pam & G getting a bit bored :Pkarok5
Singing our hearts outIt was a really really fun night and we nyanyi sampai lebam from 10.30 till around 4am. Thats like FIVE HOURS! Lol! We also had a bottle of chivas to accompany the singing. I think its proven that the more alcohol, the worse the singing. Hahaha!Anyway, thanks Jef! *hugs* How did you spend your merdeka eve?

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