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Kenduri Ayam Gols

I got an email a few days back from Delinn inviting everyone to beramai2 dtg utk kenduri ayam gols Friday evening. Then alangz plak called me the next day. Then Delinn pm me on YM to ask if im going.

I had to meet him tonite because I accidently left my IC & credit cards with him. We were out and I was too lazy to bring my wallet so I passed the cards to him to hold. Then we parted ways last nite. When I was having lunch this afternoon, i realized that I didn’t have all those important cards.

So I paksa-ed him to go with me we decided to go together2 to meet them and have dinner. More like it was me having dinner because he already ate earlier. OH well, it was good meeting everyone. A lot of people turned up, more than the usual 4-5 people. Hehe! Lain kali buat lagi ye?

Pictures! More in my picasa album

From Kenduri Ayam …
From Kenduri Ayam …
From Kenduri Ayam …

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