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Khaleed’s Buka Puasa Invite

Got a SMS from Khaleed today :

Calling all meat lovers!! 2day i’d to organize a buka pose session n after dat proceed to gaming at Idaman. Venue is at Carnaval Churascaria damansara, beef buffet, RM48 per person,i need 2 get a head count so i can make necessary reservation, o nw i need u to close ur eyes,imagine tender meat scwred on a stick,bbq to perfection (perfection! (yusuf tayoob style)) n then the waiter actually cut the meat from the stick on to u plate(yusuf tayoob…eh wait silap,perfection!) n then u pour sweet sweet gravy on top of the meat,n imagine doing that over n over again,yup its a beef buffet,so holla at your boy asap. Arai-sham-nikk-emil-ainul-ariff-fiona-ary-yong-daniel n ur significant others ya n others if i failed to mention any,ajak je sape2

Haha, saje je buat org lapar.

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