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Kota Kinabalu Trip – Day 2

Sunday – 6 July

I got Derek to pick me up and we went to church (Yea yea, so I went to church even tho I never go here in KL) then went for lunch with Uncle Yapp and friends.

One thing that I have been craving to eat/drink in Kota Kinabalu is Yoyo. Its this milky tea (zhen zhu nai cha) with those sago ‘pearls’. KL has it but its not nice. So Derek brought me to Yoyo in Lintas and I also gave Rachel a ring to meet up as well. We wanted to drag Garret along but he was sleeping and didn’t pick up the phone.

Doesn’t Derek look like a cute adorable kid? Rach has this weird expression tho

We sent Derek’s car back home and Rach drove us to Tanjung Aru Beach. They renovated the place since I last came to KK. Its much much nicer and properly developed now. It was oh so very hot as well.

Relaxing in the park. Gorgeous beach ey?

We had a rather early dinner at 6-7pm at Little Italy. Omg! I SOOOO love the sandwhich they have here. This is the only place to get it. Their pizzas are really nice as well. Full review here in my Zestful Eats blog.

After dinner, Rachel sent me back to Mag’s place where I found them arranging the seating arrangements. Slept early because the next day will be a busy day – the day before the wedding!

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