Labeling Items

Erin was complaining to me about her housemate dilemma. Her housemates have been taking the food that she paid for, using her plastic containers and even misusing her pots and pans (those non-stick ones that are pricy and cant be scraped with metal spatula). Newest incident, some of her stuff is missing.

Perhaps she should start labeling all her things, from nail polish (which was one of the things that was missing) to food containers. I remembered back in school (i think it was in kindergarden) my mom would label every single thing I had. She would write out my name and stick it with clear sticky tape to my pens, lunchbox, pencil case, bag and basically everything. She even sewed my name on my clothes.

Well, you know kids. They will sometimes forget their things and the next day it will be hand to find it. Or if they see something that is nicer and shinier than theirs, they might just takit it. I remember always getting scolded because I tend to lose my items. Back then, my mom had to handwrite all her lables but now its much easier with devices such as DYMO Labelmaker which can automatically print out lables on materials of your choice.

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