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labour day weekend

I cant believe we actually considered goin to PD at 1am Sunday morning juz coz we were bored. Now THAT would be a post to remember :P Anyway, we all went back at 2am to get some sleep.

That night (Sunday) I went to lepak with friends at KLCC and where else did we end up eating but Chillis (!!)…hehe..takpela..ada org nak belanja :P I had the Citrus Fire Chicken and Prawns. It was yummy :D Also had Strawberry Daiquiri…not as nice as Planet Hollywood’s. Lepak around KLCC till it closed then went back to sleep.

I had such a weird nightmare that nite. I dreamt I was murdered and that I only had a few moments to SMS close friends and family to give my last words and how much i appreciated them. I woke up sweating even tho the aircon was full blast and in tears..musta cried in my dream. Weirdness…

Din do anything much on monday, juz loitered around KL, stopped by at maju junction for lunch, where I had uber pedas kuay tiau kerang which I didnt finish. I spent that night sitting on the “throne” in the toilet because I had diarrhea. Musta been the kerang.

Tuesday I went to uni for morning classes (which were cancelled) then had classes til bout 4 sumthing in the evening. Then aree ajak pegi Alamanda for dinner coz we were hungry as wolves. She had a sudden craving to makan byk :P we went to Secret Recipe and I had my usual Lamb Shank and she had…wait first she had pumpkin soup (which is kinda nice with a touch of curry powder)..then we shared a slice of Chocolate Indulgence…then we shared a large fries (but she finished most of it :P)…then she had Chicken Cordon Blu (sp?). LOL!! It was ultimate binging (for her lah, not me :P). The bill came up to about RM63 for the both of us :P

Oh oh oh, and we also stopped by McDs and tried out their new icecream – FLAVOUR BURST. Only available in 20 outlets in Malaysia, one of which is ALamanda, another is Midvalley. OU doesnt have it i think.Its like the normal icecream in a cone, but the difference is, the edges of the icecream has syrup of different flavours – green apple, mocha, orange, caramel (i think) and something else which i forgot :P. Its absolutely yummylicious! and RM2 only :P

Green Apple Flavour Burst icecream from McDs
Been busy with my driving lessons and nursing my sakit perut. Till the next post~ hv a great weekend :D

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