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Laziness, FlyFM & BodyShop

I’m overcome with laziness lately. Don’t feel like doing anything at all.

It was a lazy day today. Woke up early, went to class, came back.

Watched Premonition (which i downloaded) – but lazy to write a review about it. Watched Kyle XY – Season 1 ep1-5.

Lazy to chat. Lazy to go out so much so that I just ate maggi. Too lazy to blog – which is why i just put up photos in my last post.

Lazy to get started on assignments – which is a major NO-NO! Because i have to complete all my assignments and start working on my major project already. (sankai can i just use ur major project idea?)


More photos to fill in the gaps…..

I went for the FlyFM listener survey/discussion the other day. They gave a goodie bag – tshirt, pen, notebook, keychain – and RM100. Oh, and also some refreshments – the usual mee goreng, telo goreng, sandwich telo & air sirap.

I tried out my sister’s false eyelashes. Looks nice or not?

Body Shop has their merdeka sale. You wouldn’t believe how much i got this Peach Shower Gel (NP:24.90) and Peach Body Butter (NP:59.90) for. Only RM50! Yep, there goes half my cash from flyfm :P

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