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Life must go on…

Thanks for everyone’s concern. No, im not feeling better. Still feel as shitty as before. But life has to go on I guess. I have been blogging offline. Didnt really feel like uploading it. What’s the point? No one’s actually reading it anyway *sigh*


yet another boring day of commuting. Except that I had to go much earlier, coz my dad needed to get to work earlier. But the upside was my mom picked me up staraight after class, around 11 am. So i manage to get home earlier. Ate chicken rice for breakfast+lunch+hightea at around 2pm. Yummy…havent eaten that for ages. Probably had too much nasi lemak wif ayam goreng.

Oh yeah, Im goin to be home alone till Sat coz my family went to stay in Sunway Hotel (my dad has a room there for some business meeting). I didnt want to go because hte only thing to do is eat, sleep, watch tv, go swim, repeat. since i can do all that at home, i might at well stay at home so that i can at least go online.

As of today, i have 3 assignments (more like the last assignment for the whole sem, carries about 20% of total grade)

  1. IT Assignment – the one i mentioned on monday, its kind of overdue but the lecturer is pretty lenient and the work is very easy anyway.
  2. Design studies assignment – designing a corporate logo complete with stationary (letterhead, namecard, file, envelope, ect) and a brochure. Due next week Monday and havent started. My other groupmates are doin d brochure, so my job is juz to draw out hte logo and print/photocopy whereever necessary.
  3. A research essay for business management – its actually on PETRONAS. Have to answer a few questions on how the teories we learnt are implemented in the company. Part (a) & (c) is finished by my other groupmates. I havent started on my part yet. and that’s due on Thursday.

CAnt stand it…ahve to sleep….will wake up and complete all my assignments tomorrow. Yes im a procrastinator.

Oh yeah, no more classes, juz have to hand up all the assignments and then attend the final exams on 16th – 17th Dec. After that, im FREE till next semester (starting 16th Feb)


Business class as usual. Other groups presented their topics, seemed a bit messy and I got all confused. Lucky the lecturer gave notes *phew!*

I so hate going to uni lately. I have class from 9-11 am on mondays and wednesdays, 11-12.30 pm on Tuesdays but I have to take a bus at 7.30 am and come back using the 3pm bus, meaning i’ll reach home around 4.30pm. Commuting SUCKS!!


I dreamt I was captured by some creature – looks a lil like a Minatour – to a big, white marble hall with wide columns and tall glass doors/windows along the sides. I slipped out an open window while d creature wasnt looking and flew(??) to hide in bushes nearby. The flying sensation was wonderful, as if i were swimming in air. I flew away, passing thru other hses & Gardens.

As i woke up, i remembered that I had a VERY SIMILAR dream many years ago. That EXACT sensation of flying/swimming in air…and running away from someone. Im 100% sure i had a similar dream, and im 80% sure i dreamt it when i first moved from Miri to KK in 1997-1998

I believe dreams are products of our subconcious. I dont think it can tell the future but perhaps give an insight to what we’re feeling inside. Currently im juz wondering what the state of my subconcious mind is…

Oh yeah, i had IT class today and forgot all about an assignment i was supposed to hand up. Goin to email it to the lecturer as soon as i finish (coz i havent started). On a more positive note, that was my class class on Monday.

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