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LifeCode Anti-Aging Review

A few bloggers were selected to join Miu of PlusizeKitten for the Venus 0.8 Project on LifeCode Anti-Aging International Berhad. The people at LifeCode specifically opened the area for us on a weekend to accommodate us.

lifecode_lobby1 lifecode_lobby

The lobby is a comfortable sitting area with lots of seats and little tables. This leads to the treatment rooms and also the spa area. Life Code has a spa under the same company called The Asia Spa, which is an award winning spa.

asia_spa_1 asia_spa_2

Top left picture is the ingredients used in the spa treatments – ground ginger and the like. The special function of this spa is that each room has a pair of beds and a private toilet and bathtub. Yes, individual toilets.

asia_spa_3 asia_spa_4

After the tour, we were asked to put our items into a locker before going for the Miracle ST (Super Tourmaline) House Rejuvenation Therapy room. The ST House has electromagnetic gemstones embedded in the wooden benches, the ceramic floor, the multilayer ceiling cabinet and the bamboo walls.


The black panels in the photos are ceramic balls that are embedded with electromagnetic gemstones. If you have backache, its perfect to lean against those balls to sooth your back. The room also has a essential herbal mist coming out of the holes at the side and also a quantum skin activator at the top corners.

The treatment lasts 30 minutes and we started to sweat. These are the toxins coming out of the body so we had to wipe it off constantly. We were also required to drink at least 4 glasses of the provided active micro-dew beads purified water.

After the treatment, surprisingly it didn’t feel sticky at all. In fact it felt rather refreshing even though we cannot take a shower in the next two hours. After towelling down and changing, it was the makeup and skincare session.

31792_448491573355_665433355_5981349_7665721_n[1] 31792_448453268355_665433355_5979868_520139_n[1]

Chris our friendly trainer demonstrated with the Life Code Instant Face Lift Gel. The gel is water based and super absorbent. With just a few strokes and giving it 3 minutes to fade into the skin, there’s a significant decrease in sagginess of the face and also wrinkles.

lipgloss_pinkilicious shadows_pinkilicious

(Photos of makeup by pinkylicious) Makeup by Life Code is designed to repair skin as well as make yourself beautiful. The eye shadow contains natural extracted anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid that can lift up and firm eye bags.It also refines fine lines around the eye and eliminates deep wrinkles.

The lip glosses are my favourite. The gloss is blended with natural organic skin firming ingredients and herbal extract, it plumps up your lips instantly and fills in all the wrinkles. I mean seriously my lips look plumper.

31792_448434553355_665433355_5979171_2056137_n[1] 31792_448434528355_665433355_5979167_2471488_n[1]

After the makeup and skincare session, we proceeded to Rasa Sayang downstairs for some Malaysian food.The private room we were in was decorated almost like a balinese style. The food was vegetarian briyani which was quite nice.

All in all, it was a nice experience at Life Code and I really want to thank them and Tammy for this opportunity. Are you interested to try? The ST House treatment costs RM150 per session but if you mentioned that you read this blog, you can get your first session FREE. Just contact Life Code service line 03-2289 0888 between 10:00am – 7:00pm Monday to Saturday (non-public holidays). Enjoy!

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