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Loans and scholarships

My sister, G, is currently applying for loans and scholarships to support her education – she just completed her A-Levels in Law. She was in my room the other night trying to fill out forms to apply for the PTPTN loan and was a bit confused. Then I was wondering, how nice would it be to have a website which listed down the types of scholarships available.

There is a place to get access to an extensive list of financial scholarships. And its so easy to use, you just register using your email. Then they will ask you for your current year of study (and when you’re expected to graduate) and whether or not you are a US citizen. Then you can search for any types of scholarship you want to the university or college of your choice.

They also offer useful resources for students, like how to choose the best college and how to apply for the many scholarships available on their database. You can also search for the best college for you based on your area of study, state and type. The system will then give you relevant and accurate information based on their up-to-date list.

And the best part? Its Free!

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