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My love affair with jeans

Have i ever written about how much I love jeans? To me, jeans are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. I think I have almost 10 pairs of jeans i think, ranging from light blue to almost-black dark blue to weird colours like white and brown.

Anyway, i found this site that has a whole collection of gorgeous jeans from various companies (some of which I haven’t heard about but they have really fantastic designs & cuttings) like 1921, Diesel, Ag Jeans, Nudie Jeans, Acne Jeans, Seven for All Mankind and lots more.
seven for all mankind
This is an example of a pair of jeans by Seven for All Mankind for women. Its called “Bootcut Stretch Jeans in New York Dark.” Doesn’t it look hot? I really like the colour of it and it also looks very comfortable.

nudie jeans
This is an example of a pair of jeans by Nudie. Very sexy looking and emphasizes the butt. And we like sexy butts don’t we girls? Haha!

However, Tobi is not all about jeans, they have a variety of apparel and beauty products. I saw a whole bunch of earrings that I would so love to buy. But I still really, really like the jeans. What’s really cool about this online boutique is that you can speak to an online stylist and have live chat to help you in your shopping experience.

No more walking around in malls and getting harassed by salespersons. Ah…how convinient


  • Fata'un Hana'

    Hye..salam bertandang

    I had my first jeans when I was 17 after all those benefits story I had to tell to my sis so she can permit me to buy one and I can still use it till now

    But after that, I just bought a bundle one..huhu..Rm10. I’m not that particular with brand anyway

  • IcedNyior

    @ minci
    ya its really a nice and sexy cut kan?

    @ Fata’un Hana’
    Cheap is always good, dari beli one pair that costs RM70, u cant buy 7 pairs that cost rm10 each! :) hehe

    @ mixterr
    amik la gambar bontot & upload kat blog. nak tgk sexy tak? hihi

  • Warren O'Leary

    Truely sad; all this fetish for a non-living object and glorifying un-natural ” transvestism “/ cross-dressing by females. I am glad that I am a male. Put all this emotion and money into God’s work here on Earth; humanity would be much better off.

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