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LRT Sights and Smells

I took the LRT today. Haha! I haven’t been on the LRT for ages. Forgot how convenient it was to not have to worry about jams and rushing through traffic, paying through all the tolls. But the part that I most dislike is the parking, searching for empty spaces and looking for autopay machines.

Ah but I also forgot the bad parts about taking the LRT. The lines while buying tickets (but I used my TnG) and how packed the LRT can be. And the smells! OMG! Bau ketiak and bangla and all that. Urghh…

awek LRT

But what I really,really hate is people who lean back on the middle poles. Like in the bangla on the left side of the picture (i know ur eyes are on the girls in the middle). Idiots! How are we supposed to hang on to it if your back is leaned against the whole thing? Never use your brains ah?


p/s: bestnye dating kelmarin…even tho penat sikit but it was totally worth it. I miss you :*


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