M! the Opera

M! The Opera is a new music composition that has been produced by some of Malaysia’s finest creative talents.

Composed by Saidah Rastam, text written by Jit Murad and with a cast of over 35 wonderfully talented young stars this is a production that could only have evolved in Malaysia today, reflecting all the different communities and elements that have made Malaysia what it is in this day and age. M grows up in Kampung Baru, where he watches and learns as his seamstress mother makes women beautiful.

Following rigorous training in industrial Japan M becomes a legendary fashion designer. Sepi, a beautiful childhood friend, is his Muse.

Then Kerabat, an outrageous designer, emerges…

M! The Opera explores the dramatic struggle between those who have found fame and love, and those who are about to achieve them, all set in the sumptuous world of couture.
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I went to watch M! the Opera at Istana Budaya yesterday. Limkokwing is a “Corporate Alliance Partner – Silver” (what ever that means) but i heard they gave bout RM80K (i think) to the production. Anyway so LKW had a whole bunch of free tickets and they gave it to the staff and the choir members :D so I managed to get a RM150 ticket free :D

Anyway, it was my first time in IB and we had to wear kinda formal. So i put on this blue dress which was already dusty coz it was underused. But Nick said it was too short and rejected it so I had to juz wear a blue skirt and black top with this nice blue selendang (curi-ed from Mom) and had a glittery handbag (curi-ed from my sis)

The show was really good. Khir from Iklim was M! and Doreen T was Sepi, his muse, childhood friend and main actress/singer of the show.

wanted to write more…but got too lazy

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