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Mag’s Wedding – Preparation

We woke up so early on the morning of the wedding. Started to get ready around 5.30am. Jofanna and George from Jofanna Bridal was early to do the hair/makeup (and photos). Then soon after Benny ( came to take photos of the preparation.

Lets let the pictures tell the story aite?

The dress and shoes. I love the dress!

The picture Benny took of Mag & I

the picture I took
The picture that I took the same time Benny took the pic above

From left: Megan, Mag, Jofanna, George (Jofanna’s husband) & Benny sitting

Mag’s hair is so nice kan?

Mag & her bridesmaids

The carriage that will be taking us to the church :D

More Pics : Wedding Preparation ( & My Facebook album.


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