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Making Money Thru Audio Ads

There are many ways to make money through your blog. The most common is to put graphic adverts or links and hope that your visitors click on them. This is called Pay-Per-Click. The downside to that is that, visitors might not be interested in the ads that you have. Not only that, many find it tedious to click and open a new site.

Now there’s a new way to make money by using Net Audio Ads. How does this work? When a visitor enters your site, a 5 second – yes, a very short FIVE second – audio clip is played. The visitor does not need to click anything and you will be paid every time the audio clip plays. That is called Pay-Per-Play. And the great part about the system is that, it only plays ONCE so your visitors won’t get annoyed by having to listen to it every single time they refresh.

Oh, you MUST register ASAP because currently they have an affiliate system that allows you to get paid on the ads that you personally refer and even from the ads that your referrers refer. However, this affiliate system will end on 1 February but everyone who registers before that will still be eligible for it.

So what are you waiting for? 108 million websites can’t be wrong.

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