Malaysian football sucks

I watch football matches occasionally. Mostly matches from bigger games such as the world cup, EPL and the like. I dont follow a particular team but I don’t like Manchester United (MU fans, don’t hate me!) – I think they’re too “branded”, I don’t really know how to explain it. I prefer Liverpool. :P

Anyway, I never watch local Malaysian football matches – not even if you gave me tickets for free. Why? Because its boring. The games don’t feel exciting like how the international matches are. Plus its really cool to see all the players happily taking photos with the football trophies after that – they’re really hot.

Perhaps the Msian government should do more in rewarding outstanding footballers. People work better with some kinda reward. Not only in football but also in business. Bosses should start giving corporate awards to outstanding employees. That could include some gifts and a corporate trophy as well


  • Brokenbeaker

    Fans play an important role too. I’d probably be less interested to watch a match when the stadium is half-filled.

    Plus, clubs in our country haven’t got enough money to sustain itself and certainly not enough to pay all the players as if they were full-time footballers.

    FYI. I’m a M.U. fans, and I certainly don’t hate you.

    Man. United is in their own league. Ahaks.

    nice blog btw.

  • linkinstreet

    Really? Sadly i must be a retard then for liking local football matches. And half filled stadium also depends on the team. Kelantan can fill their matches with fans, no matter what the location. And the last match between them and Perak was enjoyable. At least you can see why players like Indra Putra and Hairuddin Omar are so highly rated in Malaysia.

    Thing is local “fans” that think they knew football from what they watch on telly expected too much. Different players from different leagues in different parts of the world will play differently. For example, teams that have higher average height (Europe) prefers the direct ball to the middle as they can head it, but shorter teams (mostly asians) prefer a more technical, direct approach. location, where it’s humid here also means games are rarely fast. Stupidly burning out yourself before the game end just to try emulate another country is not really a good idea right?

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