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Malbec World Day Wine Tasting by Entwin3

malbec2I got invited to a Wine Tasting event last weekend (yes I really was the busy bee last weekend. tee hee hee!) at Opus Bistro in Bangsar. Malbec is a grape variety that is grown/cultivated (sorry not sure of the term, I have no green fingers) in Argentina and the Malbec wine produced are of exceptional quality.

The Malbec World Day Event was a series of events which included tasting masterclass, wine tasting, brunch, dinner and tango but I only attended the afternoon session of wine tasting and brunch.

The Brunch was mostly Italian with pastas, lasagna and salad. The carbonara was pretty good actually. Should go to Opus and try out the food there some day.


For the wine tasting, everyone was given a glass of wine with lables of their names. Pretty smart coz I’m sure people will leave their wine glasses then forget whose glass is whose. The bottles were all covered in foil and labeled with letters. we then had to taste each of the wines and rate them.

Its actually my first time doing any kind of wine tasting – I’m more of the hard liquor girl myself – but luckily they had a guide on how to taste wine, which I actually only read/realized after I was on my 6th or 7th type of wine. Haha!


Basically, as you can see from the pic above, there are three steps : (1) See the colour (2) Swirl and sniff (3) Sip to sample. Also make sure you rinse your glass between tastings and also drink water to keep your palate refreshed. Also nibble on bread to recondition your tastebuds for another round of tastings.


We were all given scoring sheets as above. I obviously couldn’t make up my mind on which wine I liked, hence all the scribblies. Oh, also we were given “Cabarnet (Wine) scented pencils” – how cool is that? The scores were all tabulated and the top three favourites were:

  1. Wine M – Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2008
  2. Wine P – Catena Malbec 2008
  3. Wine N – Zuccardi Q Malbec (tied with) Wine T – Luigi Bosca Reserva Malbec 2007

All in all, it was a fun and interesting experience. We also took home some interesting magazines (which I haven’t had the time to even open the plastic yet) and that wine pencil.


If you’re a wine drinker/enthusiast/curious, follow Entwin3 on Facebook for updates on future events and maybe stand a chance to win free bottles of wine. Alcohol + Free = Very good!

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