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Mamat Starbucks

Im supposed to finish a draft on a MAJOR, 3000 word (emphasis added) due on Monday but I havent even started (-_-; ) I keep getting distracted and do other things like :

1. Write this post
2. Finally finish my new blog template (including all the links) nice o not?
3. Wrap a fren’s bday present – AFTER I finished reading it. I kno im terrible but it was too interesting to put down :P LOL!
4. Sleep from 9pm-1am (which is why i cant sleep now)
5. Made 2 cups of tea and finished it :|

Oh yeah, actually i wanted to write about this Starbucks waiter. hehe! Been wanting to write about it for some time but never got round to doing it. So here goes….


I frequently go to Starbucks Ikano to drink Iced Caffe Mocha and use the internet (it frustrates me no end to NOT have internet connection at home). I often go after classes in the evening to do assignments (and chat). As a result, Im always looking tired and very stressed whenever I go there.

A few weeks back, I wrote a post about one of the baristas (sp?) there – I’ll call him “Z”. Usually we have to wait for the drinks at the counter, but I have the privilage (or disadvantage?) of Z sending the drinks to my table. Some time after that, I asked him to give me free drinks, but he asked for my number in exchange. I didn’t give it to him so I just smiled and went “hehe!”

When I went there recently, I wasnt feeling well so I ordered a hot drink instead of my usual iced mocha. So when Z brought the drinks, he said “Here’s your drink dear” and I just said “oh, thanks” ignoring his last word. Then 10 minutes later (I havent even touch the cup), he came back and said “I stir for you ok?” and proceeded to stir my drinks.

Then after about half an hour he came back to my table:

Z : Are you interested in drama? There’s going to be this audition for this play and im supposed to look for people…..etc etc {cant really remember his exact words}

Me : Im not free la, I’ve got a lot of assignments to do. I dont have the time for this other activities.

Z : Its not that difficult, just memorize the script and go for a few practices. U just give your number and they’ll call if you’re selected…etc etc

Me : Nolah, my parents would kill me if they knew i was too involved in so many things. (pause) Alar..kalo nak number I, tanya direct je la {if you want my number, just ask directly}

Then he left and came back with a piece of paper and I was like “huh?” and he said “can i hv ur number? U said i could have it” then I just scribbled my number. And while i was writing it down, he asked “why not we go jalan jalan one day?” and I was like “err…nola, im not free” so he said “alar, u must have a bf already.” And I just smiled and said “hehe”

And all this while i was chatting with Pam online till she had to leave and we continued SMSing each other. I was telling her “I hope he’s not seriously going to call” and she answered “of course he’ll call. he stirred ur drinks didnt he?” and she was laughing at how I got my own personal stirrer.

Sekinchan and max were also laughing about it after i told them the “dear” part. Sure kena tease about him kaw-kaw after this :|

p/s: maybe I should ask for free drinks on Monday for my belated birthday prezzie :P

To be continued…..

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