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Its been a week oredi yea? hehehe….well…managed to meet up with poker, arip & pam on thursday, the night before the wesak pubic public holiday. We went to McDs at 2am to have some makans and pam wanted icecream. Went back kinda early lah around 3am.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Ultimate

The Ultimate @ CB

Went to KLCC on saturday morning to meet up with some chatters. Ele came down from Tganu to meet up with us. Managed to meet up with makcik kak mah, nadz, eppy, ihark & nice. Nice kena buli coz he was the only guy, kena belikan minuman :P

borak2 and laugh2 sambil cuci mata while sitting inside CB, in full view of the escalators (and the guys goin up and down). Mostly juz sat, snapped photos and listened to peoples conversation because I havent been keeping up with the chatting scene for a long time.

Thanks to nice sbb antar i balik. Even tho at first i got a bit worried he used a motorcycle because i have a slight phobia :P

I had to go back early coz i went to Tg malim for dinner with my grandmother and relatives for mothers day. Had pot luck with all sorts of food, fish, roast duck, chicken wings, cakes, desserts. Yummy.

I gave my mom the chocolate & a red cashmere shawl which i got from Curve’s weekend market. Stuff there is really cheap~!

But kinda sad to see my grandmother, her health is deteriorating. She seems soo much thinner and sicker now :(
been so busy lately with my assignments. these 2 weeks are time to pass up all my assignments. I’ll be so relieved when this week is over.

I had to finish a 6 minute stop motion vid on “a typical day in uni” using backgrounds of my uni and stickmen. What i did was to take photos of my uni and the people in it and draw individual pictures (or frames) and then compile it all together to show movement. I think taking photos with clay would be soooo much easier. Drawing each frame individually is such a bitch! Will try to upload my vid online soon.

The picture on the right is a picture I had to do for my Multimedia Authoring practical exam class. A picture was projected on the screen and we had to reproduce the exact same thing. Not to mention I had to use lots of layers to achieve the right effect. But i think i did a terrific job and nailed my practical test :D

I sooo cant wait for this week to be over


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