.: Melancholic Rain :.

.: Melancholic Rain :.

I stood near my window today,
Watching the rain fall,
Letting go of all thoughts,
Just closing my eyes and listening.

The rumbling thunder in the distance,
Water trickling down my window,
Droplets of rain on the glass,
Making soft pattering like children running.

Like washing my pain away,
My hurts, my pain, my life,
Evoking emotions deep inside,
Bringing longing to my heart.

Longing for home, for the people I miss,
For the memories I hold dear,
For the loved ones I left behind,
And a single tear, like rain, flows down my cheek.
(c) Fiona J

I started writing this poem in my head while on the way back from Uni, in the bus, watching the rain outside the window and “Emotions” by Destiny’s Child was playing on the radio. seems to fit the entire sombre, melancholic mood. Only got to write it out properly recently, when it was raining again.

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