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Merdekakah Aku?

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:: This is the start of a Merdeka Tag ::

Honestly, i blur tak faham sgt apa derang nak dari tag nie…smua main kopipes jek article original then (nie shutterspeaks yg buat) letak iklan petronas berserta info pasal petronas ATAU (nie mcm mixterr buat) cakap pasal ‘si dia’ yg tak habis2 nak contact dier dan pekerjaannya yg sucks bukan scuks yer.

Anyway, i think, soalan dier basically mcm nie :

Kenapa anda berbangga lahir di bumi Malaysia? dan soalan keduanya kenapa anda sepatutnya cukup bersyukur berada dibumi Malaysia ini tatkala menyambut merdeka?

Mcm soalan Kertas II (Karangan) Bahasa Melayu Malaysia dlm SPM je?

Jawapannya selepas ini….
I berbangga lahir di Malaysia sbb takde negara lain yg seperti kita – berbilang kaum, bahasa dan agama. Walaupon intergrasi antara rakyat tak lengkap sepenuhnya, tp di mana lagi kita nak cari tempat yg aman sentosa – tanpa peperangan, rusuhan, atau other catastrophes mcm yg berlaku di negara lain. Then walaupon kita negara kecil tetapi kita tetap menyumbang apabila terjadi apa2 tragedi di dunia.

Dem, susahnya tulis dlm bm. Switch bahasa plak.

What I mean is we show that a small nation can still make a big difference by lending a hand when it comes to international efforts in peace, relief and rescue. Government and authorities-wise I’d say that there is much to improve on, but soo many things that (compared to other countries) could have been a lot worst. To tell you the truth, call me ignorant or what, but politics is just not my forte, so i actually couldn’t care less about it.

For the second question, I think that we should be grateful (bersyukur) to be in Malaysia not only during merdeka season, but all the time. Why? Coz we got the best food, great weather, fantastic people and gorgeous places to go. And we go mamak!

Ok tag done. And I tag no one, coz im soo nice

On 2nd thought, I tag:

:: End of tag ::
Speaking on this merdeka thingy – dont you think its rather overrated? no actually overrated is not the word. Its more like ‘pretentious’.

I mean, ok you love your country yea? So at the end of august – Merdeka week – you stick a hundred flags on your car, put a huge flag on your hood (of the car), hang a flag in your front gate (if you stay in a house) or outside your window (if u stay in a flat), you go down to the dataran merdeka and scream and shout and wave the little flags, you sing along to songs like “Tanggal 31” and “Jalur Gemilang” when it plays on the radio and TV and you do all sorts of patriotic things.

Then, 2-3 days later, everything goes back to normal. Then all sorts of complaints/talks come out:

  • In the jam – “why cant they build better roads/highways/tolls/tunnels”
  • When fuel/toll/commodities prices go up – “why the govnt only want to take our money?”
  • While reading political scandals in the paper – “oh so and so is mmg like that..did you know that he/she *gossip gossip* “
  • More examples which I dont even hv to mention

What happened to the “I love malaysia”? What happen to the “im proud to be malaysian”? What happened to the “negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku” – my country, the place where I would willingly spill my blood i.e. strive for, fight for.

What really happens during the other 51 weeks in the year?

Just something to think and ponder.

By the way, are you going yellow?


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