Miri, My City

Miri, a small town in Sarawak, situated next to Brunei is where I was born and was raised for the first 12 years of my life. Things were simpler then, being a small town, the people were friendly and you often felt as if you knew the everyone in it. I had many happy memories in Miri, cant really recall any bad ones.

Many people say that Miri is a small sleepy hollow. Yes, i agree that it isnt the bustling metropolitan like Kuala Lumpur, but it has its own unique qualities. Beautiful, untouched beaches, large caves, forests, waterfalls – natural wonders which are not available in most places.

Reading his blog brought back memories of the times i had in Miri. Playing with slippers opposite SRK Lutong (my primary school), the benches we used to sit on in class (there were no plastic chairs then), walking around Lutong town, that icecream man by the beach, the kacang kuda seller at Bulatan Park, the boys playing football in the roundabout, cycling all around my housing area from Pujut 10 to pujut 4, picking fresh mangoes from the tree behind my house, cutting tebu from my best friend’s neighbour, going to Lambir waterfall (which my mother pronounced as “lambil”), participating in the Science fair at Dewan Suarah (the library) where i always borrowed books, Swimming in GCM (a sports club), swimming in KSL (Kelab Shell Lutong), climbing trees in the Miri Church compound, speaking Iban & Sarawak Malay (not too sure how to speak iban now).

Friends i left behind, Gabriel, Grace, Daniel, Rizal, that chinese boy who sat next to me in class – Lim or Lee something (?), Diomera, Mitchel, Michelle who lived next to me, Justin, Diana, Angelina, Evangeline, Kim…ect ect, the list is endless

Congrats Miri, on becoming a City :D

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