A moment in time

BlurBlur1Pic of my first stuffed toy. Yea really! Weirdly I never had flowers or stuffed dolls from guys. I just realized something funny. This doll is named “BlurBlur” – just like the person who gave it to me. Blur! :))

Its weird isn’t it? How one brief moment would make such a difference? Some time ago I would have never expected to be friends with you (takut kot. hehe).

Then again, who would have known that 2 people that hardly know each other could click in such an uncanny way. It was so unexpected, unplanned, spontaneous, fun, amusing, surprising, etc etc.

So many more things I want to say, but I know I don’t need to. Let it be between us. Whatever it is, I’m always going to look back fondly at the times we had (and maybe will have again? hehe).

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel like a princess. Muax :*


  • Edrei

    A chunkload of mine these days are from my girlfriend, but a large part of them before I bought for myself.

    Not too surprising though, they are all penguins. I have probably got to have one of the biggest collection of penguin soft toys ever, especially for a guy.

    I’ve got about half of my collection on Flickr, the other half is back home. Come to think of it. Wow I’ve got a lot.

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