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Money’s not good enough for myNews Bangsar

I work somewhere nearby the Bangsar LRT and usually eat around that area. I needed to withdraw money so I took the escalator upstairs with a colleague to the Bangsar LRT because there’s a Maybank ATM. I owed her some money so I need to break my RM50s I just withdrew.

So around 3.30pm, I went to the myNews kiosk to buy something to break the note. The cashier was a male of mixed descent who was holding a bunch of notes in his hand. I’m not too sure but maybe he was sorting money in the till.

I picked a roll of mentos berry and gave to the cashier. He punched it in and it came up to RM1.50 and I took out my RM50. He looked and the note and made an annoyed face, clearly displeased with the amount of the note. I said “I need the change” and he said “Satu lima” with the same displeased face and refused to even take my note.

I was disgusted and appalled by his behaviour so I said “tak apa!” and my colleauge and I instantly walked out of the shop. So I walked to the 7-Eleven located downstairs.

I bought a Mentos Berry & Twister Apple which totaled up to RM 3.20 and gave my RM50 note & 20 cents to the cashier. It was also a male cashier. He didn’t have sufficient amount in the till to give me my change so he reached under the counter and took out a new roll of RM10s and gave me my change.

I came back into the office and tweet-ed about it and surprisingly, two of my twitter friends had the same experience. (click to see the direct tweets)

mynews bangsar



Apparently the service in myNews Bangsar LRT is lousy and I doubt I would be going there again.

Edit : I have sent an email to the email address located on their site to complain about this matter. We’ll see the response


  • Danny Foo

    Well, I could understand sometimes why these guys don’t want to break it for you. It could be that with less RM50s, they’ll have more change and they won’t be targeted for robbery.

    Because I seriously don’t think it’s troublesome just taking out the money and giving change. They’re using a machine to tell them the change. :P

  • Dang Tai Luk

    Dear Ms Fiona,

    Firstly, we wish to apologize for the attitude of our colleague at our Bangsar LRT outlet. There is no reason for him to have “made an annoyed face” and “refused to even take my note”.

    Please be assured that we take every customer complain seriously. We will investigate and take necessary action to rectify the problem.

    Without shedding our full responsibility for your case, please allow us to explain that we do face intermittent shortage of small change as we strive to solve the problem. It is mainly due to the fact that we carry many small value items. This makes our stores a good point to break up big denomination notes. Not only customers break up big notes at our stores, other businesses in the vicinity do the same too. We do view this as an advantage as every sale, be it for the purpose of breaking up note or otherwise, is important to us.

    Meanwhile, as you can read on the newspapers there are many fake notes in the market. Unfortunately, the nature of our business fit the modus operandi of the syndicate. They pay for small items with big fake notes in exchange for genuine money. This has made some of our cashiers wary. However, this is no excuse for arrogance and rudeness towards any of our customers. We shall provide better training to overcome the dilemma of handling the good and the bad situations.

    Again, as our customer you should expect nothing less than good service at our stores and it is our responsibility to deliver to you your expectation. There is no excuse to the contrary.

    We thank you for taking your time to write to us. It is an opportunity for us to improve.

    Yours faithfully
    Dang Tai Luk
    Managing Director

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