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Mother’s Day @ Kuala Selangor

Last sunday was Mother’s Day so my dad brought all of us to go makan seafood at Kuala Selangor. It was a 2 hour ride (including stops at a petrol station and at the side of the road when the rain became too heavy). There are 2 different shops at the end of the road where we went, we usually go to the one on the left hand side (I forgot the name), but decided to try the right-hand side one – River View Seafood Restaurant (it has a big crab in front of the shop)

kualasgor1.jpgFrom left : (first row) Trees and more trees, Sleeping beauties, distracting the driver (2nd row) the big crab, boat passing by, looking at the horizon (3rd row) panorama scene

Waited quite a bit for the food to come. We ordered a few different dishes (sorry most of them look like half finished coz we attacked the food the moment it arrived :
A loaf slice of Fried mantau, nice to dip in sauces

Crabs fried with salted eggs. We only ordered a small dish of this, only two small crabs. Very nice, its the wet type but not enough sauce. My younger sis (the picky one who doesnt really like crabs) gave this a thumbs up.

My favourite butter prawns – this is the wet version. Lots of sauce (to dip the mantau in) but a bit too salty and too sweet.

Vege..well, normal lah

Another butter prawn dish, but this is the dried version. I didnt really like how they did it here tho, because it was too oily, as if they just scoop up the deep fried batter from the bottom of the pot of oil.

Our favourite dish was a steamed fish. Looks very simple but has a sourish, slightly spicy sauce and it penetrated the flesh. Yummy. Unfortunatly i forgot to take a picture of it before it finished

And that was our seafood dinner at Kuala Selangor. Next time, we’ll stick to the other restaurant which we always go.

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  • evie

    aiseh, makanan dah habis baru mau angkat gambar, esp the crab.. (=_=)” ahahaha u forgot rite?? I sometimes do forget too, LOL

    Iced Nyior: haha hungry worr..wait so long

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