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[Movie Review ] La Lingerie

Lingerie is like a secret deep in a woman’s heart,
It fears to be revealed yet craves to be understood

Its very rare that I watch a chinese movie – especially in the cinema. The ones I’ve watched before are epic type movies about wars and stuff. However, yesterday I was at Times Square with a friend of mine and he said we should watch this.

La Lingerie is a Cantonese movie – it’s also called ???? or Noi Yee Siu Nu (I hope I got the writing correct coz I just copied it from another site – which is brought by the same director for the movie La Brassiere (what is this director’s obsession with underwear?).

Its about Miu (Stephy Tang) who has really really gorgeous dark red hair (should I dye my hair dark red? I did before and it was rather nice) who is looking for a job as a lingerie designer. She then gets a job as a “lingerie researcher” and has to write a report on bra and panties.

This story revolves around lingerie (duh!) but its mainly the story about Miu and four other woman in their quest for love and relationships. Its a light and hilarious movie with some romantic parts thrown in.

You can watch the trailer here. Oh, oh! another reason why you must watch this movie is because of the yummylicious Andy On Chi Kit who takes of his shirt during a sweaty basketball game. Ohh.i LIKE!!! Here’s a random pic of him:



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