Movie Review : Robin Hood 2010 (no spoilers)

I won two tickets for Robin Hood from The Star R.A.G.E. facebook page contest. The question was rather tricky: “How many movies have director Ridley Scott and actor Russell Crowe done together?”

I answered it correctly and I got to watch a few days before the release. yay! So yea, on to the review


Genres:     Action/Adventure and Drama
Running Time:     2 hrs. 28 min.
Release Date:     May 14th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating:     PG-13 for violence including intense sequences of warfare, and some sexual content.
Distributors:     Universal Pictures

I grew up watching the animated version of Robin Hood (played by a fox) and his merry men (played by various different animals) who was the champion for the weak. Stealing money from the rich to give to the poor. The hero in the forest together with his merry men taunting the evil king and his guards.


Now Ridley Scott’s version of Robin Hood is slightly different. It tells of a time of war and tribulation where the king and noblemen became richer and richer while the common folk suffered.  The story opens with the English army marching on their France enemies capturing castles in a forgot-how-many-year campaign by King Richard. Robin Longstride was a lowly archer in that army. Quick on his feet and honest.

This is a story of Robin before the ‘Hood’ – who he is before the legend, how he met his fellow merry men and how the legend came to be.


Russel Crowe carried the role well as the rugged, sword fighting, swift archery, fist punching hero covered in mud and blood, similar to his role in Gladiator actually. I personally thought Cate Blanchett was a tad too old to play the role of Maid Marion, unless the ‘maid’ part was referring to ‘old maid’ hehe! Some more it seems like most of the male characters in the movie wanted her. Weird.


The characters were all well developed, the storyline was interesting and entertaining. The only issue i have with this movie is that its a tad too long. But still worth watching :)

Rating : 7/10

Thanks again to The Star RAGE for the tickets.

Btw the answer to the question is FIVE movies : Gladiator (2000), A Good Year (2006), American Gangster (2007), Body of Lies (2008), Robin Hood (2010)

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