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[Movie Review] Wall-E

I don’t know what it took sooo long for me to write a review about this movie. Probably coz I got lazy. LOL!

Anyway, Wall-E is the story about a lonely robot left on earth to compress rubbish and nicely stack them up. His other robot pals have died (?) and his only companion is a little cockroach. One day, a new robot landed on earth on her quest to find something that will secure the future of the planet. She is then transported back to space and Wall-E chases after her.

The people at Pixar did it again! This movie is sooo adorable and touching and cute! Its amazing how such a deep felt movie can be made with a very minimal dialog. The animation is superb.

Basically this movie is so great that I actually watched it THREE times. Yes! Three times – twice in the cinema, no less. So yea, go watch it!

Rating : 5 of 5 stars


  • Frog Prince

    i love wall.e too, i asked everybody i know to watch it but they are like, that’s cartoon lah. duh, by people always don’t believe when we say things are good but always believe when we say things are not good. like babylon ad, we say no good, sure got people still go watch but we say wall.e good still people don’t want to watch. apa daaa..

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