Moving House

I hate moving house. The packing, the throwing away stuff and the unpacking utterly wears me out. I’ve lived in 2 houses in Miri, 5 houses in Kota Kinabalu and 2 in Petaling Jaya. Oh that doesn’t include the time i packed to study in Miri after Form 5. So thats 10 times of going through the whole moving process.

But when we moved from KK to PJ, we had professional movers to do it for us. All we had to do was pack our clothes and personal stuff. Everything else was packed by them. From furniture to the little ceramic cats that I collect in my display cabinet. Each individually wrapped with newspaper, bubble wrap and cardboard. Fantastic.

Aree is supposed to move house soon. I’ve advised her to look into moving companies. One online example is – where they provide lists of moving companies, car transporting and even international shipping.

I’m quite glad that we aren’t moving anymore. I’m sure they’ll be a lot of ppl who would miss me. Would you? :P


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