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My broken poken :(

This is my Martian Poken. Read what is a poken HERE.

I had some problems with my poken lately, after i dropped it. To be specific, I’ve only tried poken-ing with my fren (tekong to be exact). And after pokening, i get a red glow. pressing it a few times caused it to blink red and yellow. A few weeks later I tried pokening with that friend of mine again but it still glowed red. And also his contact didnt appear when i plug in the poken to my computer and login to my account. But it did get detected on when i plug it into my USB.

After some emails back and forth and trying a few things : (1) removing the battery and putting it back (2) pokening with someone else , they said they can refund my poken for free. All I have to do is to mail the poken hand to Switzerland, and I get to choose new designs for the head. Woo!

Now, lets just see how much it’ll cost to post it from Malaysia to Switzerland

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