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My computers died on me :(

I have 2 hard drives in that PC – one 60gb & another 80gb. The smaller one is where I put my Windows and program files, its quite old, given to me by a friend when I had PC problems. Anyway, it decided to die on me last week. Just gave me a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) then Disk boot error. I was just waiting for it to kaput so I had all my files backup-ed earlier so its no big loss. Its just a question of whether I have the funds to replace it or not. Not only that, im using 512 MB of SDRAM and

So now I have to turn to my laptop. Portable but heavy (2.7kg) and gets hot fast. I simply hated the Vista Home basicit was running on. Programs would just suddenly have the error message "Not Responding" and everything will be laggy. I had problems even opening photoshop so Im sure opening 3dsmax 6 or unreal editor 2004 might be worst. Not to mention I can’t use CS3 on it. Finally, i got Arep to help me downgrade it to WinXP. tengkiu Arep!

So that explains why i haven’t been updating these past few days. Hopefully my dad agrees to change my pc because i really need a better one :) He did mention something about it but I’m not going to believe it till i get the physical cash in hand. Here’s hoping he does get it for me *crosses fingers*


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