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My first day at work


Nervous! Im getting ready for my first day at work. Am going to take a new unexplored but easier route. Omg! Nervous! Couldn’t sleep well last nite :/

Wish me luck!


I’ve settled in. Met most of the 40 or so staff members. Mostly Chinese here and some Malays – but they are mostly in the enforcing department (they have a hamster tank in their office. lol!) There’s some construction going on. The fumes are making me feel high and pening a bit. Im still a bit shy tho *blush*

12.26 pm

I managed to track my movement on Google Maps. Tolls :
# NKVE (Kota Dsara – Dsara) = RM 1.00
# Sprint (Kerinchi) = RM 1.60 (i think? cant rmbr)
# SMART = RM 2.00

Yea its RM4.60 for tolls. But totally no jam except a bit after the Damansara toll. Got to the office in slightly less than 1 hour which is pretty good for morning rush hour.

Now I wonder when is lunch?

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3.32 pm

A series of unfortunate events:
– They are doing some renovation in the office. the chemical fumes (glue, paint and got knows what else) is making me dizzy
– I had to eat alone. nobody invited me to lunch :(
– I dropped my phone into the toilet. yea, AFTER I did my small business :'(

On another note, our pantry is decorated like a tavern and we got a life-sized N*ght Elf. LOL!

Plus there is a new sealed copy of Gr*nd Th*ft Auto 4 on my desk. And stacks of GT* 4 posters behind me


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