My FIRST POST of 2005

So..my FIRST post of 2005…what to say?

I ushered in the new year with a snore – that is to say, i was sleeping – only got up at 11.30 coz of smses and calls. Then I smsed everyone else before goin back to sleep bout 10-15 mins later. A friend commented “u slept last year until this year… what a record!” LOL!

…2004 recap…

I digged out my old blog archives and found a post I posted for the new year on 3rd Jan 2004, my first post of 2004.

“For me, 2004 brings a new hope. I’ve dropped what has haunted me in the past. I chose to forgive myself for what I’ve done and look to the future instead of thinking about it. I also resolve to do better in studies. hehhe…which i must…or I might have to find another place to study in due to financial constraits (my current university is rather expensive). Anyway, I’ll happily jump into the new year coz I’m prepared for whateve comes my way!”

Little did i kno what came my way in 2004….

…the first half…

The first half of 2004 was full of ups and down.

I was in Curtin Miri and when i started my 3rd semester in March, I had many friendship problems which lasted til May or so which made me very miserable. My bunch of friends drifted apart so much that it was never the same after that. Even though we did manage to hang out together in the months after, it felt strained.

It was also the year that I started actively clubbing & playing pool. Not to mention the year that I found out that my alcohol tolerance is pretty high. We played pool often, about once a week we’d be at the club, hitting balls…hahaha ;) And being in a club, there were a few times we had drinks, not much, juz 2-3 glasses of liquor (I seldom take beer).

This is the year i started playing football. I still remember my guy friends’ (those in KK) reactions when i told em. They didnt believe me at first, some only believed after they saw pictures.

The 1st half of 2004 was the time I made lots of new friends. New friendships started. I remember that I celebrated alot of birthdays as well. And lepak in mamaks and stuff.

…2nd half of 2004…

With a very heavy heart, i had to leave Miri and come to KL. Lots of tears and anger and hurt and turmoil. I found (and still find it a lil) hard to settle down. Esp since my family has already settled down (they moved in Feb). I did manage to hang out with old frens (from Sarawak & Sabah) that were studying here.

**All pics and more at http://coconutice.fotopages.com**


I feel like last year was one of the most trying of my life. I was hurt but i came out of it stronger and better (I hope!). I really learned a lot in last year particularly about other people and myself. I felt like i matured much more compared to the years before.

As always, I have high hopes for the new year


I never really have resolutions (coz i can never keep them) but this year I would like to set some goals :

  • Lose weight
  • Make more friends – be more friendly & open
  • Write at least 1 poem & read at least 1 book every 2 weeks
  • Get my driving license – been postponing it for 2 yrs now…hehe
  • Improve my web-building & other computing skills – budak IT katakan ;)
  • Study seriously

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