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I added a new feature to my sidebar on the left. A scrolling up marquee with a list of my goals. It all started when I was reading an article on Mandy Moore and it was about the things she wanted to do before she hit the big three-oh (that’s 30 lah). So i decided to do the same. Here’s the full list even tho I dont have a lot of things in it yet. The ones in italics are my comments

Things I want to do
Eat at Nando’s {been craving for Nando’s chicken for bout 2 weeks now. Im not sure why}
Go To Miri to visit frens & take my stuff {I miss ppl in Miri!! Also I left so many things behind}
Go to Bintulu to go see Lola {I miss Lola badly :'(}
Move hse (Jan 2005) {Im moving to a new hse in Jan…the condo we’re renting is too small}
Upgrade PC Graphic Card {My graphic card is outdated a bit…i want to play d newest games la!!}

Must complete before 30
In no particular order
1. Go whitewater rafting {Done in 2003…with Gloria & Erin}
2. Bungee jumping {Hehe! Im a little bit scared of heights but constantly trying to get over it}
3. Sky diving {Same as above}
4. Attend a Hoobastank concert {I missed them the last time they were here!! :'( Doug Robb is CUTE!!}
5. Get an Apple iPod mini in white {Ever since it first came out many many years ago, i’ve always wanted it. Now the iPod mini is even nicer!!}
6. Publish a collection of my poems {Currently only 1 of my poems is published in a book “Shells on the Shore” published by Poetry.Com. I plan to have a whole collection of my poems in print :) Would u buy it?}
7. Travel to at least 1/3 of the world {So far i’ve only been to Brunei, Thailand & Brisbane/Gold Coast in Australia. I havent even been to Singapore}

Oh yes, and after reading Kak Wynn’s blog, I decided that it is very smart to colour code the messages. So from now on, all words in BM or any other foreign language will be in light purple. And all comments will be in light blue. All links will be in light red. More colours to come later…………..
Juz hope i remember to actually colour code it…ahhaha :P

I’ve been winning all my online pool games….feeling lucky today :)
Current mood: feeling lucky
Now Listening to: All Hoobastank songs – Particularly “The Reason” – I found the reason for me, to change who i used to be, the reason to start over new.
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