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My life on the internet.

I just realized that I have been blogging on blogger for the past 1 year and 36 days. From my first blog in xanga, to my next one (also in xanga), then on to blogger’s first post, I knew that blogging would be something i’d enjoy doing.

Not to mentioned that i’ve expended my presence on the web by joining Friendster, Myspace (whr i also mantain a blog which is less updated than this) and Muliply. And also uploaded photos in Fotopages, Flickr and Textamerica.

Anyway..looking back at my archives, i find a couple posts that are interesting…
here(trip to bangkok)…here(meeting old frens)…here(my wish list – still unfulfiled)…here(Sex in the city)…here(First time to Zouk)…here(2004 flashback)…and here.

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