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I kno i havent been updating. Sorry bout that. I’ve been missing from the blogging world for about 4-5 days, have not been visiting any blogs as well. I’ve been kind of lazy to update because there isnt much to say. Not only that, everytime i start to type something, i get distracted. I dont like to type short posts so i usually wait till several things happen before i post.

Oh yeah, i noticed that my blog visitors have declined drastically since my vacation to Sabah in late Jan. Oh well…no biggie :P


I finished class pretty early today so I rang erin up and she said she was goin to bangsar with “Sweets” & Aree to thread their eyebrows (a hair-removal method using twisted thread which is pretty cheap, RM5) then we walked around looking for clubbing clothes. Then we went to midvalley to eat Chillis…..yummy…..walloped the chips in less than 5 mins..haha. I think we refilled it 3 times in 15 mins. I ordered Fish & Chips (a bit too salty), Erin ordered the vegetarian fagitas (tastes funny), Sweets ordered the roast lamb and aree ordered the steak (both very yummylicious). Felt absolutly utterly full after that.

Managed to buy lotsa CDs & a mic hehehe.

Had class as usual on Thursday, slept on Friday. Need to go down to lowyat soon. My hard disk needs to be replaced.

Should I get:
(a) 80gigabyte hd AND a DVD burner
(b) 120 gb hd ONLY

Which brand? (a) Maxtor (b)Seagate or (c)other?

…excerpts from other blogs…

Excerpt from Celestial Orion,
“Due to my long non stop string of classes from 1 pm to 7 pm I couldn’t meet up with my best friend, Fiona for my long awaited chat to update her on my life and she update me on her interesting life. Gosh you should listen to the stories she tells you…she is a woman who lives on the edge.”

I have no idea why she thinks my life is so interesting lah. To me its nothing but a boring never ending cycle of sleep-internet-bus rides-lectures-repeat. Oh yeah, I do occasionally have really funny or weird incidents online but nothing much.

My life isnt all that fun gal ;) I juz make it sound fun :P and i look at it in a fun way

Excerpt from Joe,
Satu hari tu, ada satu amoi ni datang blog aku, dia kasi komen kat tag. Dia kata something like, “seronok baca blog ni, macam Kisah Benar” Geramnya aku, rasa nak bagi pelempang jer kat amoi tu tuh :-) Aku pun pergi blog dia, aku tulislah kat tag dia, “memang benar pun, begitulah adanya”. Aku baca jugaklah blog dia, bebudak lagi rupanya. Patut pun :-) Aku wished her belated birthday pasal harijadi dia yang ke 19 baru jer lepas.

Lepas dari tu, amoi ni tiap hari datang blog aku. Lepas dari itu jugak, amoi ni sentiasa ada dalam ingatan aku pasal she stood up for me pada beberapa saat genting. And I do love her, as a “sister”, walaupun aku kadang-kadang tu treat dia macam “adik tiri”. Aku kutuk dia macamana pun, dia buat selamba jer, aku sindir dia macamana pun, dia buat tak peduli jer. Mungkin dia tak faham. Mungkin jugak tu.

Macamana pun, aku kan ingat Coconutice ni sebab dialah perempuan pertama yang berani menunjukkan middle finger kat aku :-) (kat dalam tagboard)

I seriously didnt kno u took my innocent comment in the wrong way. Sorry again. But cerita u mmg interesting (especially the earlier ones *wink*). Bukan tak faham kutukan…tapi tak kisah :P Im not sensitive like some other ppl. Anyway, i terharu *sambil mengelap air mata yg mula bergenang* gak sbab u anggap I mcm adik :P walaupun we did get off into a bad start.

Middle finger? ala…bukannya u tak tahu I nie ganas gak sometimes?

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