I love food, I’ll easily admit that. But of course too much food is not good for the body. Lately everyone – looks pointedly at angah – has a craze to be thinner. I guess one good way of slimming down is to monitor your calorie intake, watch your food, take a healthy diet and exercise.

MyFitnessPal is here to help. It’s a free – with emphasis on FREE – diet and fitness website which gives you advice on how to make better food choices and track your eating with a diet journal so that you can effectively monitor your eating choices and the calories in food that you take. Did you know, for example, that McD’s chicken nuggets (6 pieces) has 250 calories and 15g fat? (G, take note!)

Not only does it provide a calorie chart, it also has a food database, a message board to get support from other weight watchers and also is flexible enough for you to use with any type of diet you want – be it Atkins, South Beach or Low-Carb.

So over there to register and use their services and calorie counter for free.


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