Myvi or Viva?

viva mvyi

This semester, instead of taking the bus, i drive to college because my classes are only 2 hours long so its no point to take a bus which leaves at 7.30am and comes back at 3pm. Thats like 6 hours wait for a 2 hours class. Not to mention the fact that a monthly bus pass is RM140.

The downside of this is that, we only have one car. My dad goes to work using the LRT because it’s convenient – no traffic jams, no searching for parking, no need to pay toll & petrol – coz the station is just under his office.

So, my mom was thinking of buying another car. But she’s not sure what she wants yet. But I know for sure that she’ll get an automatic car because neither she nor G can drive a manual car. Then there’s the issue of what colour and specifications. Then of course we’d have to think about auto insurance plans and loans.

Mummy actually has her eyes set on buying a Myvi coz she likes how it’s spacious, looks nice and has good resale value – as in many ppl would want to buy it if we sell it (we havent even bought the car and she’s already thinking about selling it?? Weirdness).

But based on my personal (and also some friends’) experience, a Myvi -especially an automatic one – is not very cost saving in terms of fuel. We used my cousin’s myvi when our car was in the workshop and it was rather expensive, especially since I drive to campus everyday. And since I’m probably going to be one of the major ppl to use the new car, that is a big concern to me.

I actually like the Viva, its smaller and (according to my fren who is working in Perodua and gave me his sales pitch) its also much more cost saving in most aspects, including the petrol consumption. But my mom doesnt really like the size factor but to me that’s an advantage because I don’t really like driving the Honda City when going out to meet friends – particularly in gatherings because it gives the impression that I’m a pampered rich kid or ‘anak datuk‘ (daughter of some big-shot). Plus smaller cars are easier to maneuver and park.

Perhaps I should go ask my fren in Perodua to email specs for both cars and also explain about insurance coverage for cars.

Which car do you like best?


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