Nando’s Cataplana–review & giveaway

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Have you seen some “clam shells” at Nando’s? I was invited to Nando’s (along with the other cluckers) and given a hot file and cute wooden clapper. Inside that hot file was a napkin announcing the cataplana grand opening with the cute design of a front jacket/shirt.

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Firstly we were served with drinks. Nando’s also introduced their new drink  – Rosa Fresca – which is made of juice of pomogranate with mint syrup and topped with Sprite (red drink in pic above). Very refreshing and nice. I like it.

Nandos cataplana 02Nandos cataplana 06

Of course there was the usual starters first – salads (caesar and something else) and peri starter (sausages and wedges).  I quite like Nando’s Caesar salad, compared to the other salad. The Peri Starter is also hit with the special perinaise in which you can dip the wedges or sausages in.

Nandos cataplana 05

And finally, the STAR of the show – the Cataplana.

So what is a Cataplana? It is a traditional seafood-based Portuguese dish. According to google. the cataplana is also the name of the bronze “clam shell” that is used to cook it in. Nando’s has two versions – Cataplana Original (with grilled vege) and Cataplana Porto (with mushrooms and olives).  The one pictured about is the Original one with the veges.

It’s a rice cooked (steamed?) in the cataplana bowl/container thingy with Nandos chicken on top. The rice is very very flavourful and filled with spices and also the peri-peri sauce. The chicken used are chicken thighs which ensures a more succulent taste. Think of it like briyani (a lot of spices) with a peri-peri twist. Or like Spanish paella that’s spicy.

cataplanaNandos cataplana 09

You can of course choose what flavour of chicken you want – Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot & Extra Hot. However please be warned that they also pour the sauce into the rice to cook it with so the Extra Hot is seriously very pedas! Note the red faces of missyblurkit (not so red) and spinzer (!!).

I must admit that I’m not usually a rice eater at Nandos (I prefer the chips or corn– very westernized, I know), so this might not be something I will order often but it is still a yummy alternative when you’re bored of the usual 1/4-1/2 chicken with 2 sidelines.


During the event, we were also given these vouchers to have a taste of the new Cataplana. As I’ve gotten two, I’ve decided to keep one and give out the other.

All you need to do is follow Nando’s Malaysia on Facebook ( and Twitter (@nandosmalaysia) then comment below before Tuesday, 24 April 2012. Vouchers will be mailed via snail mail. The voucher only expires in Sept so you have plenty of time.

You may also play the Open Cataplana! game on Facebook for a chance to win a Cataplana for yourself just by answering 5 questions. Click the image below

cataplana FB

Enjoy & good luck!


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