Nando’s Cataplana–review & giveaway

Nandos cataplana 01Nandos cataplana 08

Have you seen some “clam shells” at Nando’s? I was invited to Nando’s (along with the other cluckers) and given a hot file and cute wooden clapper. Inside that hot file was a napkin announcing the cataplana grand opening with the cute design of a front jacket/shirt.

Nandos cataplana 03Nandos cataplana 04

Firstly we were served with drinks. Nando’s also introduced their new drink  – Rosa Fresca – which is made of juice of pomogranate with mint syrup and topped with Sprite (red drink in pic above). Very refreshing and nice. I like it.

Nandos cataplana 02Nandos cataplana 06

Of course there was the usual starters first – salads (caesar and something else) and peri starter (sausages and wedges).  I quite like Nando’s Caesar salad, compared to the other salad. The Peri Starter is also hit with the special perinaise in which you can dip the wedges or sausages in.

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