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New PC & Meeting old friends

29 July

My dad finally got a new PC for the house. Yay! My pesterings kinda worked…well it took a long time but at least it works. Still cant go online today though coz the connection is not set up yet….but hopefully soon *crosses fingers*

Anyway, what im more excited about is the past 2 days. I had the BEST 2 days of my life in KL.Met up with an old fren (Gloria) and decided to sleep over coz she invited me to go clubbing. We went to Bangsar with 2 other guys and another gal. It wuz really fun coz I got to make new frens and go clubbing – something i havent done in about a month. It wasn’t very “happening” as i imagined it to be but dats prolly coz it wuz Wed nite. We went coz it wuz ladies nite. After that we lepak at tis mamak stall and juz sat and chit chat. Laughed a lot dat nite. Danced, drank, watchd someone getting tipsy. LOL! *No names mentioned to protect privacy*

I’ve decided to take a different approach when meeting people. Believe it or not, im actually shy (!!!) esp when I meet new ppl. I tend to get introverted when I first meet people, unless you talk about something that really interests me. Which explains why people say “I tot you were a quiet, goody gal but apparently i was wrong,” only after they get to know me better. Hehe! So this time, i decided to juz be really friendly (which actually comes naturally, except when im shy ;P) and it wuz great fun :) Didnt regret that at all. Managed to make new frens so that at least i have ppl to go out with. If they ask me out la, coz im still not very confident to be the one to initiate…shy mah!! hahaha!!

Back to my story….came back around 3 and went to sleep. But i was awakened at around 8.30 am coz my fren’s neighbour’s son was screaming at the top of his lungs, I mean literally wailing his lungs out. After around half an hour then he decided to sleep and by that time, i couldn’t really go back to sleep so I just lazed around until 10.00 and when my fren woke up we chit chatted then got ready coz she wuz meeting friends and I was supposed to go back.

Supposed. That is before they invited me along and didnt take no for an answer. So we went to RedBox (a Kareoke place) in Sunway Piramid for lunch until around 3 pm. It wuz fun and a pretty interesting experience coz i dont really go to these places, and especially not in the afternoon. After that we hung around in Piramid for a while before deciding to play datona. I won….hehehe!!….TWICE!!! :P I missed playing that with frens back in Miri. There’s also indoor archery there and im thinking of going soon but see how lah.

I hope I can go online tomorrow. Im getting really irritated :S coz of boredom. Oh yeah, we’re supposed to go to Genting this weekend but even that was cancelled :( and I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, not my choice.

I wana go to Zouk to see see….my fren (the one i sleptover wif) might be going with other frens Fri nite. I wish i had more frens here :(

Anyway, im tired but dont really feel like sleeping yet. so i think i’ll play some games first :)

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